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NARVAN Industries Engineering and Development Company, is a subsidiary of NARVAN INTERNATIONAL Group, has engaged especially in the field of oil & gas upstream & downstream, petrochemical and also marine Industries by providing the engineering consulting, market research and development, with the technology transfer approach from international well known companies.
The company main goals are identification of projects and investments opportunities in local Iranian market with the aim of implementation and execution such projects based on its capabilities and experiences by utilizing the technology-owned enterprises abilities.
NARVAN INTERNATIONAL Group has several subsidiaries companies in different field such as "Petro Hirad Pars Engineering Company" (PHPSCO) as an active company in engineering.
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Management Contracting

Engineering Consulting

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This company regarding the full knowledge on situation & projects of Iran main Clients in the field of oil & gas and marine Industries based on valuable experiences of its managing members in leading of several national projects, especially welcomes the international reputed companies who put the Iran market in their Portfolio and has readiness to take steps forward to develop the international companies market by signing cooperation agreements which also leads to Iran industries development. And in such way, this company will be beside joint companies in line with this cooperation agreement up to fulfillment of all the defined aims.

Experience & Projects

NARVAN Industries Engineering and Development Company has valuable and good experiences in management and development of various industrial business plans from plan management up to executive accomplishment and realization beneficially as existed in the experiences dossier of its leaders and conducting members who have participated especially in oil & gas upstream and downstream industries and also energy industries development projects in entire country which some of important projects are following as

Oil & Gas Fields Development Projects


EPD & EPC Upstream Projects


Drilling Services Projects


International Oil & Gas Cooperations


Oil & Gas Upstream Equipments Supply


Oil & Gas Surface Facility Equipments Supply


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